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At a certain point, all homes require an overhaul of their sewer lines. When this happens–they will need sewer repairs. Sewer repairs cover a wide range of services that cover many sewer and water maintenance needs. You will need routine maintenance to sustain this important part of your household. The professionals at Service Force Plumbing will be happy to service your sewer and water lines with different types of sewer repair in Rockville, MD. To get more information about our services, please call us at 301-841-6284!

Sewer Line Repair

Sewage water can back up into a basement, crawl space, or underneath the landscaping and paved surfaces — even in your backyard. When wastewater backs up into your home, a common reason is a clogged sewer line. A clogged sewer line is often caused by a buildup of grease and gunk inside the pipe and is often the result of greasy or fatty foods being sent down the drain. The sticky build up then catches passing debris and solids, such as hair. The flow of wastewater becomes increasingly restricted until it is finally completely blocked. One of the early signs that this is a problem is when a pungent, unpleasant odor is wafting from your drains.

Another cause of main sewer line repair is a blockage caused by the growth of roots from nearby trees into the sewer line. Primarily found in older homes, the growth of a tree root into a fractured, clogged sewer line can cause an incredible amount of damage. To be clear, once a tree root finds its way into a pipe fracture, the root never relents, and never gives up. The problem does not get better until it is aggressively addressed. To get the problem fixed, call us for sewer repair in Rockville, MD.

Sewer Line Cleaning

The best way to prevent sewer clogs and tree roots from causing damages to your sewer lines is to get professional sewer line cleaning. With sewer line cleaning, our plumbers are able to remove clogs that can severely damage your sewer line. If you are interested in this type of service so you can avoid sewer repair for your Rockville, MD home, contact our plumbing contractors at 301-841-6284.

Sewer Line Replacement

sewer stack replacement

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Many homeowners are finding that there pipes are at least twenty-five years old. These homes come with pipelines that are far closer to the end of their life expectancy. There will need to be repairs and replacements as time passes. Sewer lines that are twenty-five years or older are most likely made out of a material that tend to leak at the joints as they age. Older pipe systems were traditionally made out of concrete, clay, cast-iron, cement-asbestos, or different types of bitumen coated piping. The ‘newer’ plastic pipes that are glued or fitted together with gasketed fittings are far more water tight than their older counterparts. This is why sewer repair in Rockville, MD or a replacement are needed.

As time passes and seasons change, the ground is penetrated with rain, frosts, and thaws. This causes the pipe systems, located underground, to shift. When these older pipes shift, the fitting around the joints gradually loosen. This loosening causes the fittings to leak. Once a crack or fissure occurs, roots become attracted to this new source of water. If roots are successful at finding this old system, they wiggle into the joints and enlarge the crack. As the roots grow, the crack develops into a full-blown opening.

At this point, a highly-qualified plumbing professional needs to step in. If you think that you need sewer repair in Rockville, MD, please call our plumbing company! By using sewer cameras, we are able to determine what type of trenchless plumbing method we can use to repair your sewer. Dial 301-841-6284 to speak with a plumber now.

Hendrik van de Poll
Snaked tub drain Snaked sink drain
Hendrik van de Poll
Snaked main line ran 75 ft of cable. Hit blockage at 70 feet from cleanout next to furnace.
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Customer has sewer gas leaking in basement. Property is a town house with fire stop wall between. Sewer gas is coming from neighbors house.
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