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Full-Service Plumbing Professionals

Whether you have a clogged sewer line or burst pipe that needs to be repaired, you want experienced professionals to make those repairs. You can find those professionals at Service Force Plumbing. We are a leading full-service plumber in Hagerstown, MD, providing a comprehensive range of plumbing solutions. You can find out more about our team or book a service appointment by calling 301-370-8320.

Our Service Offerings in Hagerstown, MD

For more than 20 years, Service Force Plumbing has established itself as a leading plumber in Hagerstown, MD, by always providing high-quality workmanship along with an extensive range of services. Whenever your pipes are frozen and burst and you need help in an emergency, our team will answer your call promptly at any time of the day and get the repairs done as quickly and effectively as possible. If you have a gas leak, our qualified professionals will get the line repaired and ensure everything is safe so you can return to your home and get back to your daily lives. You can also count on us to install your new water heater and we work with a variety of systems from leading manufacturers. We are also dedicated to customer satisfaction, and no matter what job we perform, no matter how large or small, you can always expect exceptional service from us. Our extensive range of services include:

Backflow Testing & Repair

Call us today if you need backflow testing or repair.

Emergency Plumbing Repairs

We are available 24/7 for plumbing repair.

Main Line Plumbing Repair

We’ll effectively repair your main plumbing lines.

Water Pressure Booster

If you need more water pressure, install a booster.

Burst/Frozen Pipe Repair

When your pipes freeze and burst, we’re the team to call for repairs.

Hose Bib Repair and Replacement

Give us a call when you need hose bib repair.

Plumbing Leak Repair

Get any leaks repaired quickly by our team.

Whole House Repiping

If your pipes are old, we can repipe your whole house.

Busted, Rusted & Broken Pipe Repair

If you have broken pipes, give our team a call.

Kitchen & Bathroom Repairs

For any kitchen or bathroom repairs, give us a call.

Plumbing Pumps

We can replace or repair your plumbing pumps.
Gas Line Services

When you need to have a gas line installed for a new appliance, you can rely on the team at Service Force Plumbing. We are certified gas line plumbers fully trained in installation as well as repair of gas lines. While natural gas is safe and efficient, it can also be extremely dangerous when a leak is involved. Never try to repair a leak yourself. It could lead to injury or even an explosion. If you suspect a leak in your gas line, call us at 301-370-8320 and we will get to you as soon as possible to find the leak and repair the line. Anytime you smell gas, it’s likely you do have a leak present and need to leave the premises before getting the gas shut off and giving us a call to repair the leak.

Gas Leak Detection

We can install any type of gas line.

Gas Line Installation

For those times that you need a new gas line installed, feel free to call our plumbers.

Gas Line Pressure Testing

If you are concerned about gas pressure, we can test your lines.
Sewer Line Services

Whenever you have a blockage in your sewer line—tree roots are common—it’s very likely you’ll end up with your sewer drains backed up. If this is the case, keep away from the affected area, and especially keep children and pets away from it. You don’t want to risk your health around raw sewage. You can count on our team for all your sewage line repair. We use cameras to detect issues like a blockage to determine the best course for repairs. With all of our services, we use the latest technology and techniques to ensure the highest-quality service. Because sewer lines are underground, repairs sometimes require extensive excavation that can lead to expensive repairs to landscaping and other property. When we can, we prefer trenchless repairs, which require less digging and will save you money and spare your property.

Sewer Camera Inspections

Call us when you need your sewer lines inspected.

Sewer Line Cleaning & Replacement

When you need your sewer line cleaned, give us a call.

Sewer Line Repair

For expert sewer line repair, give us a call.
Water Heater Repair and Replacement

To keep your water heater performing at peak levels, we provide water heater testing and inspection. Regular inspection will ensure your water heater will last longer, and if any repairs are needed they can be made immediately. Water heaters can fail for a variety of reasons. Hard water can leave mineral deposits in your tank that can affect water temperature and pressure. That, in turn, can lead to you needing a new water heater. When you are ready to replace your system, we can install an energy-efficient system from a leading manufacturer. If you’re having trouble meeting the demands of your family when it comes to producing enough hot water, you might want to consider a tankless water heater. Tankless systems can supplement your tank system’s output or serve as the main unit. You’ll never have to worry about running out of hot water with a tankless system as they produce hot water on demand and are very energy efficient.

Electric Water Heater Replacement & Installation

When your electric water heater needs to be replaced, call us.

Propane & Gas Water Heater Replacement and Installation

We can install a new gas water heater for you.

Water Heater Installation and Replacement

We replace and install all varieties of water heaters.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Call us to install your heat pump water heater.

Tankless Water Heater Installation

Get unlimited hot water with a tankless water heater.

High Recovery Water Heaters

To get hot water faster, install a high recovery water heater.

Water Heater Inspection & Testing

Make sure your water heater is performing right with testing.

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From minor kitchen sink leaks to major sewer line repairs or water heater replacement, when you need a plumber in Hagerstown, MD, that can do it all, you can always rely on the team at Service Force Plumbing. Fully licensed and insured, we are experienced professionals that offer a comprehensive range of services. Our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction, and our service is exceptional. Find out more about us or schedule a service appointment by calling 301-370-8320.